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Guns are a big no-no in Taiwan. Possession of illegal firearms generally results in a minimum five-year-term.

Owing to these strict rules, gun deaths are rare events … and mainly occur during gangster-on-gangster violence.

Another effect of Taiwan’s severe attitude towards guns is that they are expensive … like, really expensive.

A simple Chinese-made revolver might cost as much as NT$200,000 or more, while a Glock or the like can cost considerably more.

Some, therefore, modify powerful airsoft guns … turning them into guns that fire bullets instead of pellets.

A suspect surnamed Chen is suspected of doing just that after cops found an M870 shotgun, an MP5 submachine gun, a 925 auto pistol, a HK-USP pistol and a 914 pistol — as well as more than 100 bullets — in his Kaohsiung home on October 20th.

Chen often purchased airsoft gun parts from toy gun shops, say police, before getting iron work factories to modify certain parts of the guns.

The bullets Chen was using were bought from a ‘technological company’ (we don’t quite understand why a tech company has bullets, but anyway …) before he modified them to fit his modified guns.

Cops are investigating whether other suspects were involved in firearm modification and or sales.

What do you think about Taiwan’s strict gun control laws?

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