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The KMRT’s “Red Line” will be getting seven new stations along an 11.75-kilometer extension line to Dahu in KHH’s Hunei District, a northern region of the city that sits on the border with Tainan City.

CNA reports that approval was granted on Monday for the extension … which will be built in two stages.

First Stage: Red Line to be extended to Gangshan railway station — completion by 2020.


(Graphic via the Central News Agency)

Second Stage: Red Line to be further extended to Lujhu, terminating at Dahu Station in Hunei District — completion by 2027.

The new KMRT extension line will serve a population of about 350,000 people who live within 500 meters of the stations.

The whole thing will cost close to NT$60 billion … with the Central Gov’t paying for about a third.