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Taiwan took another step towards marriage equality on Friday … with Kaohsiung leading the way in issuing the first “same-sex partnership card” to two young women.

The card, which was an idea conceived by the Kaohsiung City Civil Affairs Bureau, has basic information on it … and serves as a kind of ID.

Both the women’s names, birth dates, and birthplaces are included … “officially” solemnizing them as a couple.

The couple, identified by CNA as Yang Ying-fan (陳盈汎) and Wu Yu-ting (吳羽婷) … were reportedly overjoyed to receive the first same-sex partnership card, saying it will give them more legal protection … while also adding that now their partner can’t “run away” quite so easily as they are “formally recognized” 🙂

Deputy Director of Kaohsiung City’s Civil Affairs Bureau Chen Shu-fang (陳淑芳) was on hand to congratulate and present the couple with gifts.

Reports from KHH’s Sanmin District claim 32 couples have since visited the household office to request the new card.

Taipei says it is looking into the KHH card and plans to issue a similar document.

Taipei Department of Civil Affairs Commissioner Lan Shih-tsung (藍世聰), says they will speak with Taipei LGBT groups, hear their concerns and issue a similar card “very soon.”

While a good step, the card still falls short of marriage equality.

But activists have been buoyed by recent moves that do seem to indicate that Taiwan is very close to becoming the first nation in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage.

(Photo via CNA)