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Via press release from the Kaohsiung City Government

(Edited for clarity):

“In late May 2017, Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu signed the city’s first K-Ecar Sharing contract with the Unicar Company. The plan is to start service at a handful of locations within one year and to have 50 stations and at least 84 electric cars running and providing rental services by 2019.

According to city data, one shared car can replace approximately 9 to 15 private cars … effectively improving both traffic congestion and air pollution. No city in Taiwan has yet been able to implement E-car sharing thus far and Kaohsiung hopes to lead the way for the nation.

Mayor Chen Chu called the K-Ecar Sharing, “a car version of the public bicycle rental system.” It is estimated to bring in over NT$300 million worth of investments in the coming three years.

Currently, the plan is to use the BMW I3 and Luxgen S3 models for the public rental service. After the users sign up for membership, they can rent cars with ease through an electronic identification system.

The rate will be NT$150 for every half hour, with the total amount calculated based on the actual amount of time used. Different discount plans will be introduced in the future.

Users will get to save not only the cost of a car but also the tax that comes with it, and the vision is to provide the public with a safe, comfortable, convenient, and speedy rental service so that Kaohsiung City can continue moving towards its goal of becoming a smart eco-mobile city.”

Sound interesting, no? It would be nice to rent a car for a weekend trip without the fuss of rental shops, IDs and the rest … let’s hope this happens!