Red Brick Daily

Cancer-causing particulate matter floated in the air of Kaohsiung at two times the level of government safety limits for 220 days last year. –That’s nuts.

Environmental groups are urging the Cabinet to move the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to South Taiwan and order a stop to the burning of coal.

They also want state-owned China Steel to move its raw material storage sites indoors.

Kaohsiung’s Department of Health argued the cause of the horrific levels of particulate matter was “complex” … including factories, engine powered transportation and pollution from other areas.

The department said that it was an extremely difficult problem, but that it was working hard to retire and replace old equipment and vehicles with newer technology.

Meanwhile, EPA Minister Li Ying-yuan urged politicians to lead the way in reducing incense offerings made during the Lunar New Year holiday — a good idea that will be promptly ignored.

Groups plan a February 19 rally in Kaohsiung and Taichung to berate both local and the central governments for inaction in the face of such clearly unacceptable air pollution levels.