Red Brick Daily

According to the Kaohsiung City Government, Feng Shan District (鳳山) is the city’s most populous … with over 350,000 residents.

It’s also one of the oldest areas of KHH, with Feng Shan once an important city in its own right.

A couple hundred years ago, “Feng Shan” was the name of pretty much anything south of Tainan … and even during Japanese times, “Feng Shan” stretched from its current location all the way to the old gates now in Zuoying District.

But like many older areas, the now-Feng Shan district is in dire need of some sprucing up.

A city press release recently touted the government’s work in transforming Feng Shan from a crowded, poorly planned urban center … into a ‘livable’ district; with parks, a clean river and better roads and organization.

Some Feng Shan infrastructure has already seen improvement … with roads widened and bridges removed as rail lines move underground.

About NT$5 billion has been spent to turn the Feng Shan Stream (which for decades resembled an open sewer) into a clean waterway residents can enjoy strolling along without holding their noses.

But roads and the stream were just the beginning.

KHH plans to build a 15-hecate park in Feng Shan … and thankfully, we’re not talking about an industrial park.

The site plans to be home to sports facilities … kids’ play areas, exhibition spaces, interactive educational displays, ecological areas … plus refurbished bits of Feng Shan’s long history that goes back to before the time Taiwan was sort of controlled by the Dutch.

Mayor Chen Chu broke ground on the project in late October 2016, and the city hopes to have the park completed sometime next year.

(Photo via the Kaohsiung City Government – Mayor Chen attends the Feng Shan Park groundbreaking ceremony in late October 2016)