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Seen from the air, one might think it’s almost picturesque.

But Da Lin Pu Village in Kaohsiung’s SiaoGang District is so heavily polluted with heavy metals, oil refinery waste and toxic chemicals …that long ago, officials deemed living there a major health hazard.

But there were plenty of questions: Sure, the area had to be cleaned up, but 1: Was it even possible to clean these levels of pollution? 2: Where will residents go as the lengthy cleanup proceeded?

And so, for a very long time, nothing happened despite promises from successive city governments.

Finally, plans to completely relocate the town became the preferred option.

Convincing the residents of the village was another issue … but finally, in early August 2017, a deal was brokered in which the vast majority of Da Lin Pu’s residents agreed to a “One-Ping-For-One-Ping” land swap, and the town is to be relocated to another area of SiaoGang (Xiaogang).

The move will obviously take a while, after which the government will begin clearing and cleaning operations.

Plans call for the old polluted site to one day become a park with an ocean-side bicycle trail.


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