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After what seems like decades, the section of Kaohsiung’s Shuiguan Road where that road begins (after a right turn on highway 1 heading east) is no longer an obstacle course of potholes big enough to swallow a child … mixed with random, boulder-sized shards of rock and metal.

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Shuiguan Road runs east from highway 1 — or the GaoNan GongLu — all the way to the Gaoping Bridge that crosses over to Pingtung. The road has spent years getting torn up by large trucks and seemed to be in perpetual disarray.

A multi-million NT$ project to fix the stretch of the road that runs through Renwu District was completed on October 11, 2017, and at the opening ceremony on the 15th, Mayor Chen Chu lauded the development as another improvement to Kaohsiung City and reminded residents they can call the hotline 1999 to report road or other infrastructure/quality of life issues.

(Photos via Kaohisung City Government)