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The Kaohsiung “Circular Line” — a branch of the KMRT metro system that’s currently in ‘mini operation mode’ — witnessed its first accident today.

At 10:41 a.m. on Saturday, a 74-year-old gentleman surnamed Zheng … rode his bicycle directly into the oncoming path of the tram.




Video of the hit is available here:

The man was thrown to the ground by the train — better known as the “Kaohiosung Light Rail” — but as the tram was only travelling 30 kilometers per hour at the time, the collision luckily was not fatal.


Old Mr. Zheng was treated and appears to be in good condition.


The Circular Line (環狀輕軌) is a 22.1-kilometer circular light-rail tram line currently under construction in Kaohsiung — with a short section already in operation.

The south part of this LRT line makes use of the defunct Taiwan Railway “Harbor Line” railroad.

Estimated to cost NT$16.5 billion on completion, it will be the world’s first light rail vehicle system with no overhead line – or catenary.

Hopefully, KHH residents will become more accustomed to sharing the road with these light-rail trains by the time the line becomes fully operational in roughly 2019.


(*Photos via Apple Daily)