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Cat lovers, prepare to be outraged!

” The dogs do not bark throughout the process, making the volunteers suspect that the animals have had their vocal chords removed and have been trained to kill and are not simply chasing the cats,” reported CNA on a possible connection between 85 reports of wild/stray cats being killed by dogs in the capital city.

The Animal Protection Office says they have reports of dogs killing cats — mostly feral cats — from Neihu, Datong, Zhongshan, and Xinyi Districts over the past two months.


(Via FB/Animal Protection Volunteers)


Police are now investigating a case in the Xinyi District from September … after they found a 55-year-old man surnamed Chen surrounded by dogs as he patrolled a neighborhood one night. Chen was observed to “sic” one of his dogs a cat … but proving any charges legally could be problematic.

Chen told cops he was “a cleaner” and he wanted the cat chased away … as it came too close while he was out feeding stray dogs. He denied any purposeful cat attacks.

Police were not convinced, however, and referred the case to the Taipei Prosecutors Office. Taipei City’s Animal Protection Office also rounded up six of Chen’s dog “suspects” and took them to an animal shelter.

The Animal Office plans to have the dogs examined by vets for a professional assessment as to whether they have been “trained” to hunt.

According to stories from animal protection volunteers, people in cars and on motorcycles have been spotted taking such trained dogs into lanes and alleys in Taipei on rainy nights.

When a cat is targeted, the dogs attack and kill the feline.

The volunteers added that after the cat has been killed, they hear the sound of a whistle, at which point the dogs run off … creepy stuff if true!

What do you think? Are these isolated cases just being sensationalized?

Are people really roaming the streets with trained silent ninja cat-killer dogs?

If so … why the cat hate?  Loud meowing? — They DO eat rats, remember!