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Some 30% of land in the Taiwanese capital Taipei has a medium-to-high vulnerability to soil liquefaction during a strong earthquake, according to government surveys.

Vulnerable areas include the land under the 101 Tower.

The soil liquefaction database (accessed at:  http://soil2.Taipei/) sorts Taipei into five land categories: high, medium, low, and no risk of soil liquefaction, with a final category for areas with insufficient sample data.



(Photo from database shows Taipei areas prone to soil liquefaction)


Soil liquefaction makes an area much more likely to suffer serious damage in the event of a major earthquake.

Since late 1999, the government has required new buildings to be designed in a manner that accounts for potential soil liquefaction.

Most realty brokers, however, don’t think the release of this latest database will have a major impact on Taipei property prices.

People have been aware of soil liquefaction for some time … but housing prices in the capital city — including luxury houses located on land prone to soil liquefaction — have yet to slide, realty experts note.

That is; until the next BIG one …


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