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Love ULTRA top-of-the-line sound systems? KOR is Taiwan — and the world’s — first club to use a chrome-covered setup … researched and developed specifically for the club by VOID Acoustics.


Officially, VOID KROME will be available for other venues around the world beginning in 2017. The Taipei venue features some 30 speakers in the main room alone … not including the balcony or VIP rooms.

For the DJ, there are five monitors, two Pioneer PLX-1000 turntables … plus  two CDJ-2000s.


Mixmag describes KOR as “part nightclub, part whiskey den, part cigar lounge, part cocktail bar and 100% free of EDM. There is no dance floor so it’s more of a lounge than a club – but it feels like a club…”


Music-wise … it’s strictly NO EDM. House, hip-hop, funk, soul and R’n’B is groovy, tho.

The grand opening was earlier this month … and yes, it is kind of pricey. But to be in a club where your eardrums are free from Skrillex might make shelling out some extra dough worth it.

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(All photos via KOR)