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This year the Lantern Festival stretches from February 16 to March 11, 2018 … and here are some of the best spots to be dazzled in southern Taiwan:


1. The nation’s official Lantern Festival event has moved to Chiayi this year and the lights are shining near the National Palace Museum Southern Branch (Taizi Boulevard)

Check out link below for more:



2. Kaohsiung City — along both sides of the Love River



3. Tainan‘s crazy “Beehive Fireworks” / Yue Jin Lantern Festival is at it again — the city is hoping over half a million people show up at Yuejin Port in Yanshui District (鹽水) to see dance performances, concerts, art and light installations, movie screenings … and — of course — to have “beehive” fireworks fired at you without sense or reason 🙂



Place to go for fireworks: Yanshui Wu Miao Temple.,6,10,15,18&post=127681

Place to go for light art installations: (see FB link below)


4. Taidong “Bombing of Master Handan”

From the Taiwan News (2017):

“Though Taitung foregoes the lanterns, it still hosts the Bombing of Master Handan (炸寒單), which began in 1954 as part of its Lantern Festival celebrations. In Taiwanese folklore the Handan is a god of wealth and war. He is also afraid of the cold, so the firecrackers are set off around a man playing the part of the god, which is paraded around town by volunteers, in an effort to warm him. The volunteers carrying the “Handan” wear only a red headscarf, an amulet and red shorts (and safety goggles).”

Have fun! –Happy Year of the Dog!