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Well, folks … it’s been free since October 2015 as Kaohsiung’s Light Rail “Circle Line” opened ever more stations, but with stations C1-C-14 (Hamasen) now operational, the KMRT has announced fares will be charged as of November 1st, 2017.

Until February 2018, fares will be discounted to about NT$10, but thereafter, a ride should cost about NT$30 across the 14 stations. New prices will come into effect after the line’s completion in 2019.

(KMRT ticket vendors for the light rail)

How is the tram line doing? The CNA reported in September that, “Ridership on the light rail line averages 13,000 passengers per day on work days, and nearly 20,000 on weekends and holidays.”

As far as long-term viablilty, the Taiwan News had these comments:

“It took the KMRT nine years before the city’s MRT line became profitable, so the business model of the new light rail will present a new challenge for the company. However, KMRT officials were optimistic the light rail line ticket prices would be sufficient enough to make it profitable …. At least four traffic accidents occurred during the one-year pilot project of the light rail train because pedestrians, cars or scooters did not give way to trains.

The Kaohsiung city government hopes the new light rail line will help locals develop better road user habits and let the light transit rail pass first at crossroads and other intersections.”