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Individuals too numerous to name – esp. many associated with the Facebook group  “Foreigners For Taiwan” – have worked hard for many years to lobby for revisions to local laws that make life unnecessarily hard for expats and their families … and it looks like some changes are blowin’ in the wind.

Check out the post below that summarizes the proposed reforms for foreign residents in Taiwan:

Here’s a quick list:

The Executive Yuan is considering these new policies:

1. Finance
– Helping foreigners get credit cards, work out debts/loans, streamline online banking … etc

2. Taxes
– Taxes to be readjusted for expats living over and under 183 days in Taiwan per year

3. Insurance
– Foreigners’ children will get national health insurance without 6-months of waiting!!!! (this one makes us the happiest!)
– Permanent residents to be included in a new pension system. (about time!)

4. Residency
– A re-look at measures to obtain residency / permanent residency
– Foreign spouses and children may be allowed to get “family visas” to stay in Taiwan

5. Work 
– ‘Changing jobs rules’ to be simplified
– Freelancers will be allowed more freedom

7. Better “International Environment”
– English road signs to be reviewed
– More bilingual schools for foreigners’ children set to open


Let’s hope these ideas move faster than the Taoyuan Airport MRT line … cuz ideas are nice … but follow-through is nicer.

And we have to agree with some who point out that “non-white collar” foreigners are still getting the most crap at the end of the stick.

Caregivers and contract factory workers are just as human as the rest of us, and the brokerage system and all the other rules related to working here as a person from South East Asia are unfair and we all know it.

Minimum wages need to go up, fees need to go down, abuse needs to be stopped, employers must give workers more than “token” days off every blue moon … etc, etc, etc.

GOOD NEWS: Things are starting to change (hopefully).

BAD NEWS: They’re not changing fast enough for a HUGE chunk of “wai-guo” people working here.

Fairness and equality for all!

Can we get an AMEN?