Red Brick Daily

In a sad start to the new year, a Pingtung man lost his life on January 6th as he somehow did not hear or see a train approaching as he attempted to cross the tracks.

The Taiwan News has more:

“The accident occurred … at 6:25 p.m. near Xishi Station(西勢站) … the man was crossing the tracks and was struck by a TRA Juguang (莒光) No.734 train. The force of the strike threw the man into the air, and into the path of an oncoming No. 513 train headed the opposite direction. Without time for the train to slowdown, the man was instantly killed, being run over by the most of the length of the 513 train. Both lines were immediately suspended following the incident, affecting the journeys of an estimated 2,770 passengers waiting at stations or in transit, reports CNA.”

This is the second fatal train accident in 2018 after a person fell off a platform on January 1st in Xinzhu.

Let’s hope these are the last fatal train accidents of 2018.

And remember: at railway crossings —  STOP, LOOK (both ways), and LISTEN!