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Do you feel owed an apology for the city’s recent horrifically polluted skies?

Well, the residents of one neighborhood in the Siaogang District (小港) … which is surrounded by oil refineries and steel mills … got a “sorry” from both KHH Mayor Chen Chu and Taiwan’s Premier Lin Chuan (林全).

The apology came on Saturday, with the officials saying they acknowledge and regret the persistent air pollution in the Dalinpu (大林埔) area, which is home to China Steel Corp, Taiwan Power Co, Taiwan International Ports Corp and the oil refiner CPC Corp, Taiwan.

Premier Lin told residents, “My heart is heavy because I know the problems in Dalinpu were … caused by government mistakes in planning industrial and residential areas and maintaining the standards of living of residents.”

Dalinpu is spread over 123-hectares …. with a population of 19,000.

Heavy pollution has been the norm in the area since the coastal spots to its north became a huge series of industrial zones beginning in 1972 … these include the aforementioned oil refineries, power plants, steel factories and port facilities.

On top of all the nasty pollution, there are noise issues and heavy traffic — 大林埔 is just not a neighborhood you’d wanna live in — to put it bluntly.

Various plans to relocate local residents have been proposed over the years, with the cost of relocation estimated at between NT$60 and NT$70 billion.

Premier Lin Chuan said the gov’t will improve the air quality regardless of whether the relocation is carried out … and we say all of KHH will be grateful if that vow is kept.