Half of Chinese bus passenger’s body goes through windshield … but he lives to crash another day

Red Brick Daily Staff


A report from  CCTV News claims this strange incident occurred on a bus in Suihua city, Heilongjiang province yesterday morning.

Passengers on the bus told reporters that the man simply stormed straight into the windshield twice while the bus was on the road. The second time, he somehow managed to break straight through the glass.


After that, he was stuck, with half his body inside the bus and half outside.


Meanwhile, the jagged broken glass of the windshield was sticking into him, causing him to lose what look likes a pretty significant amount of blood. Some fellow passengers tried to help get him out, but couldn’t really do anything.


Surprisingly, the man survived …. the reason why the man decided to ram himself through the windshield is not yet known. Police say that they are investigating whether he has a history of mental illness.


*H/T The Shanghaiist