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The BBC’s Grace Tsoi recently reported on menstrual cups … which surprisingly are essentially banned in Taiwan.

Worn internally, many women love them … saying the benefits of using menstrual cups include that they are reusable, economical and more ‘green.’

They also bring a much lower risk of toxic shock syndrome, studies have indicated — a rare but life-threatening condition correlated with tampon use.

Tsoi reports that while the cups “have a small but loyal – and vocal – global fanbase, in Taiwan … they are categorized as ‘medium risk’ medical devices … as they are worn inside the body.”


(Via Formoonsa Cup)

Manufacturers and importers need special permits, which acts as a defacto ban.

But one local device called the “Formoonsa Cup” … is expected to get the necessary licenses to go on sale by the end of this year, a project that boss Vanessa Tseng has spent NT$3 million on … and which required her to get thousands of people to sign a petition forcing the government to consider re-classifying them.


(Via BBC — Vanessa Tseng)

Ms Tseng said her campaign to bring menstrual cups into the mainstream is mostly focused on the environmental benefits and the potential savings.

Selling menstrual cups may not make her rich … as her current tampon business may suffer, but Tseng told the BBC, “I am a very vain person. I want to be the first one to sell menstrual cups in Taiwan.”

Best of luck, Ms Tseng!