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The headline, although misleading, it not untrue.

Taiwan — should the plan jolt to life — will pay for its own ‘great wall’ … designed not to stop the flow of humans, but instead to cramp the migration styles of one of our animal cousins: The Fearsome Formosan Macaque, Raider of Fruit Farms and Destroyer of Leafy Vegetables.


After farmers from across the center and south of Taiwan decided they’ve been taking enough crap from local macaques, Taiwan’s Forestry Bureau is shockingly suggesting the construction of a wall: a “great wall” of anti-macaque electric fences!

More on the tail here:


Excerpt from report:

“…  the Forestry Bureau has encouraged flatland farmers to build a “great wall” of electric fences, while an academic has suggested demoting the species’ protected status. Macaques mostly damage banana and sugar apple crops … However, there have also been reports of damage to leafy vegetables in the past few years … Due to visitors, hikers and other people feeding the animals, the council estimates that the number of macaques has soared in the past few years to between 200,000 and 300,000 ... In the past decade, 15 cities or counties and 69 townships have experienced crop damage caused by macaques … Kaohsiung has reported the most damage, followed by Changhua, Taitung, Nantou and Yunlin”

(Distribution of macaques – Wiki Commons)

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