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Taiwan’s military is shrinking.

Between 1997 and 2014, the total number of armed forces personnel fell from 460,000 to 210,000 … meaning many barracks are now unused and or redundant.

Some 1,900 vacant structures and over 360,000m2 of floor space are idle on the 191 unused bases … and maintenance costs for these unused facilities are “a drain on public funds” and “disadvantageous to the efficient use of government resources,” a Legislative Budget Center report claims.

The Ministry of National Defense has been merging its camps, establishing barracks that house personnel from all three branches of the military in one location … and relocating away from cities, the report said.

Empty bases require guards to deter crime … and frequent sanitation sweeps to stop mosquitoes from breeding — as multiple infestations have been reported at the sites.

“The Ministry of National Defense should itemize its idle camps, review its strategic deployment plans and make a report to the legislature; reusing the lots for ‘green’ zones, parking space, community activity centers, care centers and day care centers should all be considered,” a lawmaker told CNA.

Agree with the budget report?