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Millions of Taiwanese are preparing to barbecue food-like items during the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival – more commonly known as “BBQ Festival” – despite weather forecasts predicting dreary skies due to the approach of a typhoon.

BBQ Festival this year falls on Thursday, September 15, 2016.

Taiwan’s tens of millions of BBQ Festival barbecues may, in fact, emit more carbon in one weekend than the annual carbon output of all of Taiwan’s diplomatic allies combined.


Roasting meat-like foods during BBQ Festival is said to be an ancient Chinese tradition dating back to the rule of emperor Mei You (6491 BC – 1348 AD), although this is disputed by people who read books and stuff.

Origin tales be what they may, BBQ Festival is now so deeply ingrained in Taiwanese culture that many will ‘smoke one out’ come hell or high water.

BBQ Festival cookouts have and will be held on balconies and inside first-floor areas of homes, despite warnings from “experts” that this could lead to death and stuff.


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Meanwhile, authorities are reminding the public that not all municipal or national parks allow barbecuing.

In Kaohsiung, the top spot for barbecuing has long been Chengcing Lake (澄清湖) in Niaosung District.

The park will be open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursday, but entrance tickets will only be sold until 6 p.m.  –There are 120 brick ovens available for public use.

Kenting bans fires anywhere in the park, an edict that is – of course – rigidly followed.

Not that it’s connected in any way, but the moon may not be on display anywhere in Taiwan until Friday night.

The Central Weather Bureau says Typhoon Meranti is likely to affect Taiwan this week, bringing clouds and rain to all of Taiwan from Tuesday to Thursday.

However, non-meteorologists say the typhoon could change its path, especially if ENOUGH barbecue smoke is produced.


(Photo via CWB Taiwan)

In the meantime, you have just hours to prepare for BBQ Festival … so get to it!