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The Dutch called it “Ape Hill,” but then some Japanese-era dude wanted to honor crown-prince Hirohito, and somehow got the hill’s name changed to Shou Shan. (Long Life Hill 壽山). 

Part of the Kaohsiung hill chain that’s home to the local zoo and tons of wild monkeys is known as  Chaishan (柴山), which includes the section called ‘Snake Hill’ (蛇山)

To many English-speakers and other residents of Kaohsiung, however, it’s known as “Monkey Mountain.”

Hiking trails on Monkey Mountain have seen better days and the city is currently renovating some sections — which will hopefully be done by Lunar New Year 2018)

(Hikers have had to contend with pathways such as this for a while now)

(The construction has made the hike a tad more difficult, but many are still enjoying Kaohsiung’s little nature hideaway.)

(The Formosan macaques were less-than-interested in the ongoing repairs.)

(But the monkeys ALWAYS check the garabge cans — ANY food you take up there can get snatched away in the blink of an eye — XIAO XING!)

(A gov’t sign shows how soon all trails will connect in a massive circle route, letting hikers explore more of the ancient, dead, coral seabed that rose over millions of years to become ‘Monkey Mountain’.)