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Are you cool with donating your organs after your death?

Have you signed up as an official donor? If so, thank you. If not, why not?

Taiwan has multiple cultural taboos regarding death and organ donations were rare until not that long ago … but times have changed … a lot!

A survey by the Taiwan Organ Registry and Sharing Center recently revealed that an incredible 69% of those polled say they would be willing to be an organ donor, an increase of 2% from three years ago.

Of the respondents, more than 12% have signed a consent form for organ donation, which is equivalent to 320,000 people — up 43% from three years ago, according to the survey.

The organization behind the survey also found that younger people tend to identify more with the concept of organ donation … probably because they have more access to life education and information about organ donation, said the center’s CEO.

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Check out the graph below to see where other nations rank in organ donation (2014 stats by Australia’s