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The Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau website does a pretty good job explaining attractions in English, but it often sticks to the most well-known areas.

But what if you’d like to know about hot springs in Luigui or Hakka sites in Meinong or Indigenous Taiwanese mountain area hiking trails?

(Via East Kaohsiung Tourism)

Well, this new FB page could be for you.

Published by the ‘East Nine District Tourism Alliance,” the site posts near-daily info, ranging from general facts about the Nine North East Districts of Kaohsiung, to specific spots and contact info for locals who speak English.

If you think you’ve seen it all here in Kaohsiung, think again — the “East Kaohsiung Tourism” Facebook page is on a mission to surprise!

(A Japanese-era tunnel near the ’18-Peaks’ scenic area in Liugui District)