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The picture you see above shows the new mascot/logo for Kinmen County, the outlying islands held by The ROC/Taiwan … but which are VERY VERY close to China … like, swimmable close.

What you’re seeing is a “wind lion god surrounded by a Eurasian otter … and a hoopoe bird,” by Beijing designer Su Rong (蘇容).

Out of 1,304 entries submitted — 760 were from Taiwanese designers; 386 from Chinese designers. Professional designers offered 157 ideas and 1,147 came from students. .

The “wind lion god” image was the most popular, with 621 works using it — but only one came out as the victor.




(The tiger creature won silver; while the blue deity won bronze)


Winner Su Rong (蘇容) is a 26-year-old designer. She is the founder of Rong Brand Culture Company in Beijing … but visa issues meant she wasn’t able to attend the award ceremony in Kinmen on November 14th.

The “wind lion god” is usually seen as a carved stone structure standing in front of a house or near an intersection … they are said to protect from strong winds. Reports say they are found in southern China, Taiwan, Okinawa and Japan, but exactly how common the deity is on Kinmen is unknown.

The jury said Su’s design won out for being simple, clear … and stood out due to good bright color choices.



(We thought these guys were kind of cute … no?)


Other popular ideas for images to represent Kinmen were the otter (172 — can someone explain??) a sorghum, wheat and wine pot (78 — makes sense as Kinmen GaoLiang is kind of a big deal there) and finally, 60 designs used military-related images … a logical tribute to the islands’ past, but evidentially not what the judges wanted for the future.

What do you think? Like the new Kinmen County mascot?


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