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The Supreme Court’s Friday verdict is final … former New Party lawmaker Elmer Fung (馮滬祥) has been deemed guilty of the 2004 rape of a female caregiver from the Philippines … and Fung will spend the next three years and four months in prison.

An employee from the Manila Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei accompanied the unnamed woman to a local hospital after hearing of the rape … and the hospital reported the rape to the police.

The woman returned to the Philippines the same year after signing an NT$800,000 “settlement agreement” with Fung.

In a statement issued on Friday, Fung accused the DPP of “political revenge” and “judicial persecution,” maintaining his innocence and claiming he was framed.

If he was framed, it was a pretty good job … with “male DNA samples” found all over the woman and her clothing … not to mention a hospital report alleging forced intercourse.

Fung says he will serve his prison term by looking at it as “[religious] training,” and hopes that his compatriots would continue to work for the cause of “revitalizing Chunghwa [China]” in spite of the oppression of the “Taiwanese independence forces.”

Fung said he is proud to “sacrifice for the grand mission of unification with China.”

How noble!

Enjoy your time, creep.


(Photo via CTTV News)