Red Brick Daily

Kaohisung’s first and only skywalk —  offering views from north Dawu Mountain on the border of Pingtung County all the way to Taitung County — is preparing for its public opening and the city says it hopes the attraction can bring in tourists to the eastern area of Gangshan District.

The Taiwan News has more:

“The Siaogangshan Skywalk Park (崗山之眼), is one of the city government’s main tourism construction projects in Gangshan District in recent years. The park is located on a hilltop overlooking the scenic Agongdian Reservoir (阿公店水庫) and facilitated with forested trails. The skywalk gives visitors views that extend very far, weather conditions permitting.  [It is] 40.5 meters tall, is shaped like a violin, and the suspension cables look like strings. The skywalk is supported by 24 suspension cables, and the whole skywalk is 88 meters long and two meters wide.”

The skywalk opens February 4th, 2018.