Red Brick Daily

It is rising a steadily each day … and will soon be a major feature of the Xinyi District in Taipei.


Designed by Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut, this plant-covered tower that twists like a DNA strand is called Angora Garden.


According to the plan, balconies on each of its 20 floors will be filled with plants, veggie gardens, and fruit trees — making the building look almost like a little green mountain. Residents could theoretically grow their own food and compost all their biodegradable waste — the firm says, but we have our doubts as to how many residents will be doing that.


“The concept is to build a true fragment of vertical landscape with low energetic consumption,” explained Callebaut. “The project represents a built ecosystem that repatriates the fauna and the flora in the heart of the city and generates a new box of subtropical biodiversity.”


Between two and four apartments will be located on each floor of the building .. which will also integrate sustainable technologies such as rainwater-harvesting and solar energy.

Sound delightful — and expensive.

In any case, we’ll soon be seeing if the “Green Mountain” lives up to the hype  as it scheduled to open early next year.


(Photos via Vincent Callebaut Architechure)