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It’s gonna be a bit of a hassle for some, but when it’s finished, the electrified “South-Link” rail line will mean a trip from Taipei to Taitung (Taidong) will take just 3.5 hours.

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The Central News Agency reports:

Night service on the south-link railway line from Chaochou in Pingtung to Taitung on the east coast of Taiwan will be suspended from Sept. 6 to June 30, 2019, to expedite work on a national railway electrification project. During the 21-month period, there will be no service on that line between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. Monday to Thursday and on Saturdays …. highway shuttle buses will be provided to transport passengers at a 20 percent discount, according to TRA.

However, exceptions will be made during schools’ summer and winter breaks and national holiday periods of three days or more, with the railway night service running on full schedule.”

Taiwan’s first railways were mostly built by the Japanese. They were greatly improved under the then-one-party rule of the KMT before plans for major changes  — including electrification — were finally put into place. The link between Pingtung and Taitung is the last phase of this VERY long project, but it’ll be cool to swap what’s now a 6 or 7-hour ride for one that only takes about half that time.

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