Red Brick Daily

You would think just ONE website — KIM.COM — would be enough for the Kim-loving Stalinist pseudo-nation of North Korea … but apparently, they need 27 additional sites.


That’s right — North Korea has an internet with a grand total of 28 sites.

Many of the sites seem pretty normal: There are sites for Air Koryo airline, Korean recipes, an insurance company, an elderly care fund, the Pyongyang International Film Festival, Kim Il Sung University … etc.

That leaves the rest of the N. Korean internet for Kim worship!


The website for the country’s official newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, includes deeply informative headlines such as: “Kim Jong Un Sends Birthday Spreads to Veteran Scholars.” ¬†— Deep stuff … but what are “birthday spreads?”

North Koreans have very limited … to non-existent access to the Web. In 2008, a 3G mobile service offering voice calls in major cities was launched … locals, however, still cannot place international calls or connect to the Web.


In April, North Korea banned Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and South Korean websites … as well as gambling and porn services.

So to answer your question: apparently¬†there are no Kim Jong Un-related porn sites. TAKE THAT, “internet rule 34”!