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According to Taiwan Today, the mayor of Chiayi, Twu Shiing-jer, a physician and former Minister of Health, has helped lead his city to victories in six major areas.

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(Photo shows the ‘high heel’ church in Chiayi (2016.) The design is said to be a tribute to those who helped conquer the scourge of blackfoot disease in coastal areas in Yunlin, Chiayi and Tainan counties in the 1950s)

To summarize, the city has improved by:

  1. Getting a grip on endemic flooding.
  2. Air pollution: “By reducing the number of old motorbikes and scooters on the road, Chiayi made great progress in slashing air pollution in 2015 with its PM 2.5 density decreasing 12 percent year on year.”
  3. Online learning: “2,000 tablets with useful software have been offered to students living in rural parts of the city to expand their capacity for digital learning. In addition, disadvantaged groups such as low-income households are provided with free courses in digital learning.”
  4. Fighting crime: “Chiayi City Police Bureau launched the metropolis’s first mobile police station system in 2015, linking 12 local police stations and 14 iPatrol Cars to the public via the internet. The city, with its efforts to crackdown on crime, has achieved one of the highest rates of solving criminal cases nationwide at more than 90 percent in recent years.”
  5. Smart Government: “The city government set up the ‘Smart City Promotion Committee’ in August 2015 … to integrate available resources using innovative technologies.”
  6. Smart healthcare: “As one of the world’s top seven intelligent communities, Chiayi boasts a high level of city management efficiency and digital competitiveness … Through the city’s Smart Health Cloud Platform, health care consultations, relevant educational services and health promotion projects can help safeguard Chiayi residents’ physical and mental health.”

Chiayi is not a big city, and obviously, such advancements are easier in a smaller location, but if factual, it’s great to hear of progress in these areas.

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