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That better have been some DAMN GOOD hummus!

The Guardian newspaper reported recently that a group of eight Chinese tourists were given a 16,500-shekel bill (£3,280 / US$4,362 / NT$138,646) … after visiting a restaurant in the hills outside Jerusalem that’s not on any “five-star” listing.

The Abu Ghosh restaurant in the Israeli Arab village of the same name is famous for its unpretentious food and mostly specializes in hummus, reports claim.

One of the restaurant’s owners defended the bill, saying half of the restaurant – which has a capacity of 300 – was rented by the tour party, who stayed for hours and ordered large amounts of grilled meat and alcohol.

Those claims have been denied.

“I was told they were very important people,” said co-boss  Jawdat Ibrahim. “And they wanted to reserve a special section of the restaurant on Friday night, our busiest day. We provided them with their own bar and expensive drinks and a whole stuffed lamb, which cost me a lot. They seemed happy and gave us a large tip and then someone put the bill on Facebook! People don’t understand of course we have meals that cost $15 but this was special.”

The cost of the meal came to light after an Israeli tour operators’ association posted a copy of the bill on social media … and suggested that the tourists may have been “suckered”.

Tthe tourism association told Israeli media: “The association decided to make this incident public in order to illustrate the importance of fair and polite treatment of tourists who come to Israel and are an important sector of the country’s economy.”

Whatcha think? It’s not entirely impossible eight people could have racked up a NT$130k+ bill, right?

Hmmm … maybe we need to charge our tourists more for the “special” beef noodles.