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Cigarettes are cheap in Taiwan compared to a LOT of other places … too cheap, say many.

Currently, a pack of cigarettes is taxed NT$11.8 plus a surcharge of NT$20 — those charges are set to stay, but an additional NT$20 tax is to be tacked on as soon as the Legislative Yuan approves the proposal.

The tax is expected to increase revenue by almost NT$16 billion a year … and the government says that amount will go specifically to fund a long-term care program for seniors and the physically challenged.

The price per pack may or may not rise, depending on cigarette companies’ decisions … as the surcharge of NT$20 is like a tax on smokers … but the soon to be NT$31.8 tax is a fee paid by cigarette companies.

What do you think?

Should a pack of cigarettes cost at least NT$100?

Or are you fine with the current price?

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