Red Brick Daily

“(radio static) … over … we have the evildoers in our sights … And YES, they are carrying lychees … repeat, lychees…”

That’s what cops in Kaohsiung’s RenWu District could be hearing soon as they step up efforts to stop lychee thieves … which evidentially is a big problem.

The China Post reports:

“Kaohsiung Police Department’s Renwu Precinct recently launched “Operation Lychee” to protect local farmers’ produce from sticky-fingered pickers.

The Yu He Pao (which means “jade purse”) variety of the fruit is in season … with prices having risen to NT$200 per Taiwanese catty (600 grams), making the fruit a high-value target.

Officers from three stations will conduct random patrols at lychee farms.”


Get those lychee lowlifes!