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China, as you can see in the map below, uses “Chinese Time” for the entire nation as reality is not a socialist policy with Chinese characteristics.

And, as you can see, although Taiwan sort of fits better into the South Korea/Japan time zone, it’s currently in the Chinese zone, and some want to change that.

The Central News Agency has more:

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“The netizen who launched the petition said that the country should leave the GMT+8 time zone, which it shares with Malaysia, China, and parts of Indonesia and Australia, to the GMT+9 time zone, which covers Japan and South Korea … Moving the clock forward one hour would also save sunlight, the petition said.

[But] A change of time zone would compel airports and airlines to change flight schedules and systems for ticketing and sales …  Changing flight schedules would likely be troublesome because doing so would affect domestic and foreign airports, travel agencies, as well as hotels at the origin, destination and layover points for all of the country’s inbound and outgoing flights … “

What do you think? Worth the hassle?


Read more in the Taipei Times: