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Humanist Education Foundation executive director Joanna Feng (馮喬蘭) claims that as many as 890 teachers have been reprimanded over the past 10 years … for using physical punishment on students.

Corporal punishment by teachers has been banned for 10 years, after a 2006 amendment to the Educational Fundamental Act (教育基本法) came into effect.

Feng said that although the law has improved the situation, the large number of reported offenses … logically means more needs to be done to stamp out the practice.

The offending teachers, says Feng, have gotten off lightly: 520 were reprimanded, 119 received demerits and 38 received serious demerits.

Only eight had their employment terminated or saw their contracts not be renewed … 205 were only given verbal or written warnings.

Feng added that the foundation wants the law to be amended to specifically prohibit jump squats … sustained arches and other “endurance” punishments commonly used by teachers.

Using ambiguously worded terms such as “stamina-testing physical activity” … teachers are getting around the ban on spanking or physical punishments …  Feng pointed to a case last month where a vocational school student in Taoyuan was forced to peel several kilograms of vegetables, do squats and walk laps of a sports field with heavy water bottles hoisted above his head.

The teen boy eventually collapsed and had to be rushed to the hospital, Feng said.

What do you think? Spare the rod, spoil the child?

Or is it time to move beyond “old-school” punishments for students?

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