Red Brick Daily

Pingtung made the news over the last week or so, and not just for the music festivals in Kenting.

First up, a young Amercian student is gonna be staying in Taiwan for a lot longer than he planned … courtesy of getting a friend to ship him weed in the mail:

An American in Pingtung has been detained for having marijuana sent to him from the U.S. and could face over five years behind bars, reports said Thursday. The suspect, identified in local media only as “Jonathan,” reportedly had someone send him 32 grams of marijuana to his school dormitory, Central News Agency reported.”


Next, a man in Kenting is “facing the music” for killing a massive fish that had been a favorite of local divers. He says he did it, but he has his reasons.

“…in his defense, he said, he had not intended to catch the protected fish. Ah Di said that he was at the area for an advertisement photoshoot for his merchandise and had inadvertently caught Ah Niu while a photo was being taken of a bait product that was cast into the water. After about five minutes of struggle, Ah Di reeled in the fish. He said he didn’t throw it back because it would have died anyway.”

Sound like a reasonable explanation?