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A life of working the fields of Pingtung (and some gym time) can give you quite the bod, as this 72-year-old grandpa is demonstrating.

The Daily Mail reports:

“… dubbed Taiwan’s strongest grandfather as well as a ‘Real-life Master Roshi’ after a video of his incredible gym routine went viral.

Huang Ching-hsin, 72, is the super-fit grandpa from a clip now viewed millions of times on social media sites. He hits the gym whenever he is taking time out from being a farmer in Pingtung, in south-western Taiwan.

Mr Ching-hsin is said to be able to bench press 264lbs.

Since the clip went viral the Taiwanese have named him the real-life version of Master Roshi – the bald, white-bearded, turtle shell-wearing martial arts master from Japan’s popular cartoon, Dragon Ball.”

Catch the video here: