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“Now THIS will teach cops not to tow my wife’s car again!”


On Tuesday, a Pingtung man surnamed Zhang … drove a car through the front door of the main traffic police station in downtown Pingtung.

His motive? REVENGE!

The 54-year-old man allegedly became furious after his wife’s Honda was towed near the Pingtung Hospital ¬†… the man was hopping mad; not with his wife, but with the police tow truck that carted the illegally parked car away.

Needing to demonstrate his displeasure … Zhang drove into a police station that deals with Pingtung traffic issues, causing plenty of damage, but fortunately no injuries.

Drawing their weapons, cops approached the car … and it was then, evidentially, that Zhang suddenly understood the gravity of the situation … as he reportedly¬†tried to first pass it off as an “accident.”


Finally, Zhang reportedly told the sad story of the car being towed and how angry that made him feel: but not that surprisingly, Pingtung police did not appreciate his emotional expression of discontent … and Zhang was arrested for endangering public safety — he was released on NT$20,000 bond a little later in the day.



(Photos via Apple Daily)