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Scantily-clad women pole dancing at weddings, festivals or even funerals CAN be seen in Taiwan, but it’s hard to say it’s really a Taiwanese ‘tradition’.

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It is certainly eye-catching and has grabbed attention from the international press … including the French APF, which reported thusly:

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Image result for taiwan pole dancing

“[On June 10] Dozens of pole dancers performed on ornate neon floats at a festival in Taipei on Saturday in celebration of one of the island’s more eyebrow raising cultural traditions.The event sought to promote Taiwan’s famous dianzi huache or ‘electronic flower trucks’, travelling floats loaded with garish lights in the shape of everything from dragons to ferris wheels.”

What do you think?

Time to retire this ‘tradition’ or is this just one of the wonderfully wacky things about the island we love …?