CNA with Red Brick Daily Staff

Thankfully, it was not quite as gory as the giraffe death scene in the ‘Hangover’ movie.

“Hsiao Chiu,” (We didn’t see the Chinese characters but we’re assuming it means “Little Ball,” as that would be the most logical name for a 4.5 meter-tall giraffe in Taiwan) was seven years old, weighed 880 kilograms and was the biggest giraffe at Taipei Zoo.

Little Ball was being prepared for transportation to Hsinchu County’s safari zoo, to get some mating on with a female giraffe there, according to zoo officals.

Taipei Zoo had ordered a 3.9-meter-high cage that was extendable to 5 meters and had placed it in an area visible to the giraffe since February so he could get used it.

But after being put in the cage and given what must have been the equivalent of a HUGE dose of “K,” Little Ball collapsed and stopped breathing.

A post mortem examination of the animal’s carcass showed hemorrhagic and suppurative pneumonia, with vets saying the giraffe may have been experiencing difficulty breathing due to pneumonia and sustained muscle damage because of the confinement in the cage, which would explain why it could not stand and eventually died of heart failure.

Red Brick Daily’s position on zoos is clear: if they have no conservation or valid excuse for existing, it’s time to phase them out.

Giraffes are supposed to be eating leaves off tall trees in Africa, not being gawked at in Muzha, Taipei.


RIP, Hsaio Chiu.




*Photo via Taipei Zoo