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The feud between governments on both sides of the Taiwan Strait over who, what, when and where China is, and whether Taiwan is a part, sort of a part, or not a part of China completely … has been stuck in a kind of limbo of late.

Both sides have tried various dances with words to see if they can both come to a statement that ‘saves face’ for all … but it’s not working that well.

China says Taiwan is a renegade province. Taiwan officially says it isn’t “Taiwan” … it is “The Republic of China,” (ROC) a nation founded in 1911 and still recognized by a handful of sovereign states around the globe … including the Vatican.

“The 1992 Consensus” … like it or hate it … was a bid to relegate sovereignty to the back burner … and let the ‘status quo’ coast onward.

Highly suspicious of new Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, China has thrown down a gauntlet: Recognize the “92 Consensus” or else!

This “consensus” being an idea (real or imagined) … that both sides have agreed there is only “ONE CHINA,”  but what that means is up for interpretation.

President Tsai this week took a new tack for a DPP president, telling China: “Recognize the EXISTENCE of the R.O.C. — THEN we can chat about consensuses.”

A DPP Taiwanese president arguing for the recognition of the Republic of China is kind of a big deal, as many former DPP figures have run as fast away from the ROC as possible.

Who knows? – Maybe China will call Tsai’s bluff and do it.

Will China sit Tsai’s term out and hope for a new Taiwanese president in 2020?

Or will a “Nixon in China-type” breakthrough happen during the rule of Tsai Ing-wen?

Stay tuned!



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(Photo via South China Morning Post)