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Lucky Miss —

“Four people were injured in the magnitude 5.6 earthquake that hit southern Taiwan in the early hours of Saturday, and the power outage caused by the tremblor was resolved shortly afterward, authorities said. One person in Tainan and three others in neighboring Kaohsiung City suffered minor injuries in the earthquake and were sent to hospitals for treatment”


Breaking Bad Under the Sakura Trees —

Mixing ecstasy with plum powder? -we fail to see the appeal:


What the ACTUAL F**C??? —

Reports claim an Italian businessman dumped radioactive nuclear waste in the ocean near Taiwan in the 1990s … news via 61 documents from an Italian military intelligence department.

Giorgio Comerio was named as the man who enriched himself by sending ships loaded with nuclear / other dangerous materials to the bottom of the sea in the Mediterranean, near Somalia and Taiwan.

North Korea paid NT$7 billion, and he allegedly disposed of 200,000 barrels of radioactive waste … in oceans near Taiwan.

Read more about this wild case:


Loud and Proud! Kaohsiung AIT Chief is happy to speak openly —

“‘I would say (to Taiwan’s gay community) to be strong and to love yourself because no one else will do that for you,’ Jason Chue (楚杰生), deputy head of the AIT’s Kaohsiung branch, said in the short film, released earlier this week by GagaTai, a Taiwan-based gay culture website.”


CNA: ‘High particulate air pollution in areas of southern Taiwan on Friday … caused by strong winds in the wake of a cold front that arrived on Thursday.” Zuoying area gets red alert Friday … meaning outdoor exercise for long periods is discouraged.

Protests Coming 

“Environmental group Air Clean Taiwan on Friday revealed in a report a ranking of Taiwan’s cities and counties by levels of PM2.5 air pollution, in which Kaohsiung’s Zuoying District holds the top spot for worst air pollution in Taiwan in 2016.The environmental group has initiated a new round of campaign with a series of demonstrations, which will take place on Sunday, February 19, both in Taichung and Kaohsiung, calling on the central and local governments to address the nation’s air pollution problem.”


(Photo: Cows graze in a field that’s soon to be covered by a high-rise apartment building near LanTian Road in ChaoTou, KHH City. By @1986)