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Every typhoon season we hear the same stories: some dude (women included) will try to paddle out … only to be stopped by the coast guard / a lifeguard / a cop and told they will be fined … as swimming or surfing in high seas is against Taiwan law.



Is this fair? Sure, the surfer might die … but what if they’re OK with taking that risk?

Even when the water is still reasonably calm but the waves are sweet … when a typhoon land warning has been issued by Taiwan’s CWB, it’s illegal for surfers to surf.

About 200 expert Taiwanese surfers told a U.S. news agency back in 2011 that they have the skill to tackle typhoon surf, and don’t feel the ocean should be regulated.


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Laws vary around the world but in many places, it’s up to you if you want to do something “at your own risk.”

In San Diego, for example,  lifeguards have the right to tell inexperienced surfers to stay out of the water on big surf days … but even when waves are huge, experienced surfers are allowed to paddle out at their own risk.

Two ways of looking at this:

  1. Freedom trumps everything and if I’m willing to take the risk … that’s my choice.
  2. Someone (or many someones) might get hurt searching for you after you overestimate your surfing skills. Is that fair to others?

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