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Transportation Dept. officials have announced that real-life, actual “road tests” will be required for those seeking a driver’s license in Taiwan … starting Jan. 1, 2017.¬†

The policy is currently being tested before next year’s changeover from using test centers with closed tracks. Currently, a driver does not have to actually prove they can drive on a road … and many are “passed” after paying a test center for courses, irrespective of their actual ability to drive.

The issue has been discussed for many years, with many arguing a driving “test” taken on a closed track is not an accurate test of skill.

The new road test will evaluate a would-be driver’s ability to change lanes, test their understanding of STOP signs, check their parallel parking skills and determine if they know what to do at an intersection¬†without traffic lights.

Poland and the U.S. state of Colorado are the latest jurisdictions to sign reciprocal agreements with Taiwan. It is believed that a reason more nations are unwilling to accept Taiwanese driver’s licenses is due to the lack of a road test.

We think this is a great idea that could help weed out those who cannot actually drive … and cut down on alleged bribery.

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