Red Brick Daily Staff

UDN reports that a 23-year-old Chinese man was arrested by Taiwan’s Coast Guard on Friday for attempting to enter the outlying island of Kinmen illegally.

The man, surnamed Liu, is from China’s Guangxi Province and made his way to a beach in Xiamen, which is just a kilometer or so from the R.O.C.-held island of Kinmen.

On the beach, Liu found a chunk of Polystyrene (basically a harder version of Styrofoam) … and then got himself a wooden paddle.

He was within sight of Kinmen’s Shi Yi Harbor when he was busted.

Liu confessed his aim in coming to Kinmen was financial. Back home, he noted, he earns US$150 a month as a driver if he’s lucky, and he hoped he might be able to find decently-paying odd jobs on Kinmen.

In the “glorious” Cold War past, those who defected from Commie China (no matter how they chose to do so, be it stealing a plane or floating over on fishing boats) were lauded as “freedom seekers” and allowed to stay in Taiwan.

These days, however, Chinese nationals who arrive here illegally are interrogated and generally promptly thrown on the first boat back to China, where the may be (read: will be) subject to prosecution by Chinese authorites.

Sorry, dude. Brave plan, nice execution … but it’s pretty hard to ‘slip’ into a harbor riding a Styrofoam ball in the middle of a sunny Friday afternnnon.

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*Photo via Facebook / UDN