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Coming on the heels of at least two similar reports from the U.S., a 26-year-old Taiwanese woman, surnamed Lai (賴) … said she saw smoke coming from her Galaxy Note 7 replacement device!  — A phone she picked up just 10 days ago.

While walking her dog in a park in Taipei, Lai claims the phone started smoking so much … that she had to quickly pull it out of her pocket and throw it on the ground.

The Galaxy Note 7 model was bought in August by Lai … who then reportedly got a replacement model on September 27 after seeing TV reports about exploding Samsung Note 7s.

Samsung Taiwan reportedly contacted Lai over the weekend and offered her an alternative smartphone … and said it was seeking to clarify the cause of the incident.

Lai, however, didn’t seem to want any more Samsung phones … and reportedly asked for a refund instead.

Samsung Taiwan said in a statement on Saturday that it could not yet confirm if the smartphone was a replacement model … but you know it was, right?

Damn, Samsung! Figure this crap out quick … or you and Motorolla might soon be hanging out in the “Remember XXX?” lounge.


(Photo via the Taipei Times)