Red Brick Daily

If there’s one thing Taiwan doesn’t have enough of, it’s convenience stores.

Between the five major brands – 7-11, Family Mart, Circle K, and Taiwan Sugar’s ‘Million’ -there are ONLY 10,207 stores islandwide as of the end of 2015.

New data show the five leading chains …. opened just 53 new outlets in 2015, up only 0.52 percent from a year earlier – the lowest growth rate in six years!!!!!!!!

Convenience stores in Taiwan provide customers with a wide range of services, including buying movie/concert/train/HSR/bus tickets … you can pay parking fees, phone bills, credit card bills, your taxes and or utility bills – all while grabbing a freshly made latte right at the counter.

But as there appear to be no further areas without a convenience store spaced just meters from another one, the industry is looking at a major slow down.

Some 2.91 billion visits were made to convenienceĀ stores by people in Taiwan in 2015, little changed from a year earlier.

Convenience store consumption-per-visitor rose to NT$72 (US$2.27) in 2015 from NT$65 recorded in 2009, showing just how dependent we’ve all gotten on these stores for basically everything.

Let us know how many convenience stores you have within spitting distanceĀ of your abode and if there could possibly be space for any new ones.