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While stories like this are all too common in the United States, they are beyond rare in Taiwan: a sixth-grader preparing to go hunting with his father, accidentally pulled the trigger on the modified hunting rifle was holding … and killed a 20-year-old relative.

The bullet the boy fired, first went through the chest of his uncle … before then striking the boy’s father.

The deceased was identified as a 20-year-old resident of Miaoli surnamed Feng.

The family reportedly belongs to an indigenous Taiwanese group and there was no mention in the media of the weapon being illegal … as native peoples are permitted to hunt with certain firearms.

The weapon involved was a 1.2 meter-long improvised firearm for hunting … that uses homemade ammunition

A police statement said Feng visited the family’s home on Friday evening and after dinner, the father, surnamed Pan, suggested a hunting trip and the boy begged to come along.

We doubt proper safety standards were followed for this spontaneous evening hunt … but there is no indication that the boy intended to shoot anyone.

The 53-year-old father was taken to hospital where his condition was listed as stable after surgery … sadly however, Feng died at the Wei Gong Memorial Hospital.

The families involved reportedly initially attempted to hide evidence and clean up blood at the scene … but a bullet wound is a bullet wound … and when they got to the hospital, staff immediately contacted police.

The 12-year-old child allegedly confessed to the shooting while saying it was an accident.

He was transferred to the Miaoli Juvenile and Family Court.

The very sad incident resulted in the unnecessary loss of a young man’s life to which there are no words that can adequately console the families involved … but for the general public, it does serve as a reminder of how rare shootings — either deliberate or accidental — are in Taiwan due to extremely strict gun laws.

Condolences to all concerned …


(Cover photo via Miaoli Police — the weapon used in the shooting is shown)